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Create A Mask

Create a Mask.

This tut was created by JTsDesigns, any similarities to other tuts are coincidental. You may not script this tut, or claim as your own. Translation of this tut needs permission.

This tut assumes you are familiar with PSP and some of its tools I will include screen shots.

In this tut I'll show you how I created this mask using different tools in PSP, I used version 9 but any version should have these same features.

I also used a FREEWARE filter, DSB_Blast that you can download for yourself here
Ok let's get started

First we are going to create a colour brush by using the Mixer Tool in psp.

Lets choose our colours I chose foreground # ED2BEB and background Black. You can use any High contrasting colours, your finished image will be and white.
Open an image of any size to get the Oil Brush to work, you can close it after we're done

Select your Oil Brush tool.

Go to View Palettes Mixer or Shift F6, the window that opens maybe too small, the window that opens maybe to small, move your cursor to the outline of the box and drag out to enlarge the box.
Draw out some squiggle lines  using your Left mouse button
 holding it  down, then switch your colours, and add some more
 squiggle lines.
Change the size of the brush and repeat.

Once you're satisfied with the pretty mess you have on your image, click on the little Eye Dropper in the same window.

Here's the magic, hold your left mouse key down running it slowly over your image, at the same time have a look in your foreground colour box, see it changing? Once you see a nice combination of colours release your mouse button.

It has now become your foreground colour/pattern.

Ok now let's create another pattern using your new foreground  colour.

You can go ahead and close the mixer window, if you need the pretty mess again just hit Shift F6, the same pretty mess will appear in the window.

Open a new canvas 600x600 and flood fill white, add a new layer, click on the Oil Brush tool again and draw out some more squiggle lines in the center of your image.
Go  to Effects; Distortion; Twirl settings at 720 do this for a total of 3 times.

Now apply the Xero Blast, use these settings

Duplicate this layer and go to Image, Mirror, Layers merge down.

Duplicate this layer, go to Layer Rotat Free Rotate 90 Right. NOTE you may need to move this layer up slightly in your image so as not to cut off any long strand on the edges of your image.

Layers Merge Visible

Go to Adjust Brightnes/Contrast, Set the Brightness at minus 255 (-255) and contrast at 0

Layers merge visible

Go to Adjust Colour Adjustment, Negative Image.

Save as a jpeg.


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