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Target Brush

Using your Target Brush in PSP can turn an other wise bland item into an awesome looking one.
It's a terrific tool and will have you creating amazing items in no time.
I'm going to show you how to use this brush to change a plain ribbon into a multi-colored one using texture patterns which are abundant on the web and your Target Brush.

First lets get some CU elements and some textures.
You can find free CU items any where but here is one place to get you started, but here is the felt bow I used for this tut here.
For textures you can find lots at DeviantArt.com here are the ones I used here
Ok so you now have your textures and something to use them on.
Open the bow and choose a texture I chose texture 02 in PSP.
In your color pallet change the forground to your texture, Left click in your foreground and click on Pattern select your texture in the window.
It's important to note that your texture image must be larger than the image you wish to manipulate, in this case I've resized the bow 50% so that the texture covers nicely.

Now you're ready to use your pattern.
In your tools pallet locate the Lighten/Darken tool, click on the small arrow to open the menu and click on Change To Target to activate it.

In the settings at the top of your work space change the size of the brush to 190.

Run your brush over your image covering all the bow.
Play with the settings if you like to get different looks.
Here's the finished bow, I've resized again to show in this window.
There you have it, try ths using different textures or papers to get a variety of different looks.


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