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How to Create a Pattern on a Page Using Muras' Copy filter.

How to Create a Pattern on a Page Using Muras' Copy filter.

This is a finished product, there are tons of scripts an actions out there that can do this for you but with a little time you can do this for yourself and save some money at the same time.
I started with a plain textured paper 800x800 but this can also be done on a full sized paper 3600x3600. For the pattern I chose a little Halloween monster that I created using a template.

Copy and paste your item you want to pattern as a new layer on your paper. You'll have to adjust the size so that your item creates an even pattern, I resized this layer to about 200x200 pixels, which is a good size for an 800x800 paper.

I wanted my creature to be on an angle so I used the deform tool to turn it a bit. Be careful not to change the position of your item.

Sharpen once.

Go to Muras and select copies, enter the following:

Adjust the settings if needed, only adjust the Tile Gaps though.

Duplicate this layer and Mirror, using your Mover Tool move your 2nd layer down and to the Right or Left so that your pattern looks symmetrical.

Using your eraser tool to erase any bits that may show on the sides of your paper.

Merge layers and your done.


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