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Thursday, January 1, 2009

I have recieved an award!!!!

Thankyou Honey for nominating me for this award♥
You can check Honeys' blog here
Ok now I have to nominate 5 blogs, so here goes:
Katz Scrapz http://katzscrapz.blogspot.com/ Luv ya girl♥
Bluey http://bluedreamdesigns.blogspot.com/ Amazing work, and so generous.
Clarey http://clareysdesignz.blogspot.com/ Great Scraps & tuts.
LadyQueen http://ladyqueenspspcreations.blogspot.com/ A great gal with a big ♥
And last but not least
Lady V dZines http://ladyvdzine.com/ LadyV you have my respect and admiration♥
Ok there is my 5, please pop by each of these sites and have a look around.
Leave a messege if you like.


Thank you for the award ! will get it posted on my blog soon..glad you liked my blog :) yours is very nice to. Happy new year!

Katz Scrapz said...

Thank you so much Jane hon for nominating me. I will post my award on my blog this weekend. Love ya too hon♥
Hugs Kat

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