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Monday, February 2, 2009

Good News!

Hey folks, thought I'd spread some good news....I now have a Creative Team!!
Who'da thumk it!!
There is only one team member right now and she's my sister, Sue♥.
She's creating a blog where she will be putting all her tuts that she creates.
Sue will not only be using my taggers scraps but other great designers kits too.
I think this is the start of a great endeavor Sue I wish you great success with your new blog and your tut writing.
If you'd like to check out Sue's blog and tuts visit her here.


Sue said...

Thanks Jane..Got my first tut up and running..Can't wait to make more..
Thanks for all your encouragement..
Luv ya..xoxo

JT~Jane said...

You're welcome You make awesome tags from the top of your head so it just makes sense.
Awesome tut btw!♥

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