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Friday, December 25, 2009

I have an award, thanks Katz♥♥

Woo Hoo Thanks Katz., by the way Katz 5'3" is not short!! I'm 5'2 1/2"!!
This is awesome I havent' won an award in a while.
Ok, I'm supposed to tell 10 things about me so here goes:
1. I'm married
2. I have 4 grown boys
3. I have 2 dogs 1 cat
4. I was born in County Cork, Ireland
5. I live in Chippenham England, hence the nic ;0)
6. I used to be a Nurse, (to hard on the back had to quit)
7. I am addicted to chocloate
8. I quit smoking 4 years ago but still get cravings (no I don't give in tho)
9. I have a very witty sense of humor
10. I'd rather be on my PC than do anything else, sad I know.

Ok I'm passing this award onto:
WackyWinnies Designz
Sugar Kissed Scraps
Jynxi's Place
Wicked Princess Tutorials
Brandies Eye Candy & Tuts
Staycee Productionzz
Sanies Tutorials


Finally picking thins up thanks so much hunni! Big Huggers!

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