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Saturday, May 14, 2011

EMO Crazy Tut

This tut was created completely by me.
For this tut you'll need the following:
My new kit EMO Crazy you can get here
Tube by Verymany, you can get here
Gem Mask 21 here
Vix Mask 147 here
Font used, LHF English Rose

Let's get started.
Open new image 800x800
Copy & paste Paper 1 and apply Gem Mask, merge group.
Copy & paste Paper 12 and apply Vix mask, merge this group and change blend mode to Screen.
Layer merge visible.
Copy & paste cluster frame.
Select merge layer, copy & paste Dots 4 as new layers move to the left, duplicate & mirror.
Merge 2 dot layers down.
Re size tube by 80% 2 times.
With magic wand select inside frame circles and Modify expand by 5.
Copy & paste your tube and position.
Select invert and delete.
Duplicate layer and mirror. Position if needed.
Move frame layer above tube layer.
Copy and paste Doodle 2 Free Rotate 90 to the right.
Use erasor to erase left half of doodle, duplicate and mirror, merge down.
Copy & paste banner 2 and place above the frame.
Add text & copy right.
Move doodle layer below frame layer


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