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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Way Or The Highway

My Way Or The Highway

Tube: BaikerGirl, by Zlata. M. at PFD
Kit: Dirty Black Summer by Wicked Creations available at Scrappin Dollars.
Template:Missy_Tagtemplate 331, you can get here
Font:Should Have Known available at DaFont.com

c/p=copy & paste
Shadow used:3,3,35,6 Add drop shadows to layers when you are finished the tut.
sa-f-df-nl=Selections all, float, defloat, new layer.

Lets begin.

Open tube and template, duplicate template and close the original.
In template delete the credits.
Starting from the bottom layer select Glittered Rectangle Left.
sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper 7 Into Selections, deselect & hide template layer.
Do the same for Glittered Rectangle Right.
On layers Glittered rectangles 2 Left & Right add a drop shadow.
Select Rectangle Left, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper 3 as new layer, invert selections, delete.
Repeat for rectangle Right and Rectangle Center. Hide template layers for these layers.
Select Cirle Right layer, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper 7 Into Selections, deselect & hide template layer.
Repeat this step for Circle Left Layer.
Select Frame Background layer, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper 6 Into Selections,
deselect and hide template layer.
Ok now to add your tube.
Go to Circle Right layer, sa-f-df, c/p your tube you may have to resize to fit,
selections invert hit delete.
Duplicate & Mirror your tbe layer, change Blend modes to Luminance.
Go to Circle Right layer, sa-f-df, again, c/p Light Ray as new layer and position
Use my tag for reference.
Duplicate and mirror.
Move the tube and light ray layer below the Frame layer in your layers pallet.
Click inside Frame layer, modify and expand by 4, c/p tube as new layer, selections Invert,
hit delete. Change the blend mode to Exclusion, move this layer below the frame layer.
c/p your tube as new layer, re size if needed and position in the center of your tag.
Now to add your elements. I used the following:
SkullFly 65%
Poison 30%
Wicked Kitty 75%
Winged Skull 60% and then 65%
Crystal Ball 40%
Ribbon 3 25%
Add © and text.
All done, thanks for trying my tut.


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