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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spider Bites PTU

Template: LadyT-Creative Misfits
Tube:Zlata_M at PFD
Kit:Spider Bites, by Wicked Creations you can get it here
Thanks so much SueEllen for let me have my way with this awesome kit.
Font:Sir_William you can get it here
Mask:by Insatiable Dreams, masks 51 & 59 you can get them here
Drop Shadow: 3,3,35,6

c/p=copy & Paste
sa-f-df=select all, float, defloat
sa-f-df-nl=select all, float, defloat, new layer.

Let's begin
Open your tube.
Open template, duplicate and close the original.
In your template delete top & bottom & side flames flames.
We'll start at the bottom of the layers because a lot of the layers have the same name.
Add a new layer and flood fill white, move to bottom of layer pallet.
New layer flood fill black and apply Mask 51, layers, merge Group.
New layer flood fill a color from your tube (I chose 6d2683) apply mask 59, layers merge group.
Select Backing 1, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper 1 into selections, deselect and delete template layer.
Repeat for all layers named Backing 1 & 3.
Select Circle 1, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper 7 into selections, deselect and delete template layer.
Repeat this step for Circle 2 layers.
Select the Square layer, sa-f-df, c/p paper 9 as a new layer Invert selections and hit delete delete the template layer.
Select the Film Backing layer, sa-f-df c/p and paste paper 8 as new layer, invert selelctions and hit delete.
Select film framing 1 layer, use magic wand and click inside frame,
C/p tube, selections invert hit delete.
You may have to re size tube.
See finished tags for placements.
Repeat for the rest of the frame openings.
Then move the Framing 1 layer above all the new tube layers.
You can leave the tube as is or add a blend mode, I changed my blend mode to Luminance.
Hide all layers except for your frames layers and your tube layers, merge visible.
Unhide all layers c/p your tube as new layer, I re sized mine to 40%. Position as top layer.
Now you can add your elements see finished tag for placement.

Barb Heart
Glitter trail
Flames 90%
Spiddyweb 75%

Add © and text and your done.
Thanks for trying my tut.


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