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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Waves Tut

Summer Waves
Tut created by JTsDesigns, any similarities to other tuts is unintentional.
Tube: by Tiffany Toland Scott from CDO
Kit"AngelDesigns~SummerWaves, thanks for letting me use this awesome kit!!
Mask WSL Mask38
Font:Any font will do
Template:Scraps of Enchantment by Rachel.
c/p=copy & paste, drop shadow used 2, 2, 35, 5

Open template duplicate and delete the original.
Increase canvas size to 700x600
Add new layer flood fill with white, move layer to bottm of layer palete.
On Blue Strip layer, float/defloat new layer, c/p paper 4 Into Selections, deselect, delete template layer and add dropshadow.
Select Grey Strip layer and repeat the above steps, repeat these steps again for the Black strip layer.
Select Blue Round Rectangle layer, selections float defloat, c/p paper12 into the selection.

Repeat for Black retangle and Grey Circle.
Select Round Rectangle Frame, select all, float, defloat, new layer, on paper 4 got to Image mirror, Image Flip then c/p this paper into selections.
while still selelcted go to Adjust add noise, Gussian and Monochrome selected use 50.
Repeat this steps for the other frames, flip and mirror the iamges to get different looking frames.
Select the rounded Blue Round rectangle layer or the layer that is there if you deleleted it, selections all, float, defoat.
C/p tube with out wings or stone and place in the left side of the box, Invert and delete, change the Blend Mode to Overlay.
Repeat with small circle layer I used the winged tube for this one and mirror the image.

C/p your tube as a new layer, position and add a shdow.
Add your elements.
Bead Chain
Blue Flower 80% Image dupicate and mirror
Cat tails 80%
Butterfly 50%
Add a new layer above your white layer select all, paste paper 4 into selections, deselect.
Add mask layer, merge group.
Add © and text, save as PNG or JPEG
Thanks you for trying my tut.


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