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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Spookalicious FTU

This tut assume your have a Good working knowledge of PSP.

Kit: Ookie Spooky, by Kittz Kreationz you ca get it here.
Tube: Elias Chatzoudis, you can purchase here.
Mask: MC_Mask16, by Mellisa's Creationz you can get it here.
Template: AR315_Template59, by Aqua Rebel you can get it here.

Fonts:The Nautical Gal, pay font
Shadow: 3,3, 36, 6
Filters: None
PSP Filters used: None

sa-f-df-nl= Select All, Float, Defloat, New Raster Layer.
sa-f-df= Select All, Float, Defloat.
c/p= copy & paste
sa=select all
sn=select none

Let's begin.
Open your tube and template.
In the template delete the first 3 layers and the Go Away layer.

Click on the background layer and add a new layer, sa, c/p p3 into selections.

Apply mask and merge group.

Select the Halftone layer, sa-f-df-nl, c/p P2 into selelctions, sn, hide template layer.
Move your new halftone layer to the left of your image, duplicate and mirror.

Merge these layer down.

Select Glitter Strip 1, greyscale this layer (Adjust, Hue & Sat set to 0)
Go to Adjust, Colour balnce, manual colour correction, Source colour# 959595,

Target colour# A9C636.
Repeat this step for the Rectangle 2, Glitter Strip 2, and Gradient Circle layers.

Select the Strip 1 layer, sa-f-df, c/p P4 as a new layer, selelctions invert and hit delete.
Repeat this step for Rectangle 1 & 3, and Strip 2 layers.

Select Shape 1, sa-f-df, c/p P2 as new layer, selections invert and hit delete,

repeat for the other shape layer.

Select the Black circle layer, sa-f-df-nl, c/p P5 into selections, sn, hide the template layer.

C/P your tube as a new layer, move to the top of your layer pallet. I resized my tube 80%.

Add your elements.
Wordart @ 80%
Star Dangle @ 40%
Broom @ 80%
Skull Brad @ 50%
Spiderweb Brad @ 50%

Add your copy right and text.
All done.


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