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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Perfect Scare FTU

This tag is dedicated to one of the greatest taggers out there.
Bev Herr, I just love her tags they are so hauntingly beautiful.
So I made this tag/tut emulating her style.
I hope you like it Bev.

Perfect Scare
This tut assumes your have a Good working knowledge of PSP.

Kit: The Perfect Scare, by Bev at HorsePlay's Pastures an absolutely gorgeous kit.
Thank you so much for your generosity xoxo
Tube: by Zindy, you can purchase this tube and others here
Mask: by me just click on the image and right click to save.

Template: by Punkybutts Template 96, you can download this template here.

Fonts: JellyKa Delicious Cake you can download here
Shadow: 2,2, 36, 6
Filters: None
PSP Filters used: None

sa-f-df-nl= Select All, Float, Defloat, New Raster Layer.
sa-f-df= Select All, Float, Defloat.
c/p= copy & paste
sa=select all
sn=select none

See finished tag for placement of tube/elements.

Let's begin.
Open your tube and template, duplicate the template and close the original.
In the template delete the first 13 layers.

Select the background layer flood fill white, sa, new layer, c/p paper2 into selections.
Deselect and apply your mask, merge group.

Select the Circle Dots layer, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper8 into selections, sn, delete template layer.
Repeat the above step for all the frame layers adding an Inner Bevel to each frame using these
Select the Square layer, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper6 into selections, sn.
Select the Large Circle layer, sa-f-df, c/p paper 6 as new layer, move your paper to your liking,
selections invertand hit delete.

Select the Right Circle, sa-f-df, c/p paper 4 as a new layer, position paper, selections invert hit delete.
Repeat above step for Left circle.

Select Center Circle, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper 4 into selections, sn.
Delete all the template layers.

Copy and paste your tube, I resized mine 80%.

Add your elements, I used the following:
Element 42, @ 80%
Element 28 @ 30%
Element 10 @ 80% X2, c/p position to the left, duplicate and mirror.
Element 19 @ 40% X2

Add your copy right and text.
For the text I used Black foreground and paper 10 as my background pattern.
All done.


Your mask isn't hyperlinked to the larger size. When I click, nothing happens. :-(

Jane said...

Link fixed, sorry about that :(

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