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Saturday, October 29, 2011


This tut was created by JTsDesigns. Any similarities to other tuts are coincidental.
Filters used in this tut: Krusty Vol.1 Generator B-1.
Tube by Keith Garvey available here.

Open a new image 600x600.
Apply Krusty Vol. 1 Generator B-1, change the Green% setting to 66.
Go to Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance.

Open a new image 600x250, select all, c/p the 600x600 image into selections, name this layer Back1.
Copy & paste your tube as a new layer and position to the left.
Add a new layer and flood fill with black, selections all, contract by 2 pixels hit delete.
Add your text and copy right.
Hide your Back 1 layer and Merge Visible.
You should now have only 2 layers.

Hide your tube layer, c/p the Back1 layer into Animation Shop (AS) as a new animation.
Edit paste as new animation again so that you have 2 copies of the Back1 image open.

Activate one of the Back1 Images and duplicate the frames so that you have 10 frames, minimize for now.

In the other Back1 images go to Effects, Insert Image Effect, from the drop down menu select Spiral.
Click on Customize and type in 5116 as the Maximum Angle, and Canvas Colour (black) is selected.
Click ok in the windows.
You should now have 13 frames.

Click on Frame # 4, hold down your shift key and click on frame #13, you should now have 10 frames hi-lited.
Go Edit, Copy.
Activate the other Back1 frame.
Go to Edit, Propogate Paste,
Edit, Select All,
Edit, Paste Into Selected Frame.
It's important that you do not move your mouse, just simply left click and it will center in your image.
This is your new animation, now lets get the tube layer to add on top.

Back to PSP.
Hide your Back1 layer, unhide your tube layer and select that layer, copy and paste as new animation in AS.
Duplicate this frame so that you have a total of 10 frames.
Go Edit, Select All
Edit, Copy.
Activate the New animation.
Go to Edit, Propogate Paste,
Edit, Select All,
Edit, Paste Into Selected Frame.
Hover the image over the first frame slightly to center the frame as it is a little smaller than the the Back1 frames for some reason, once satisfied with it's position left click once.
All done, save as a gif.


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