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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Free


Click on preview for larger image.

Merry Christmas
This tut assumes your have a Good working knowledge of PSP & Animation Shop.

Tube: Rainbow Coffi, you have to be a member to download but well worth the time and it's free. here
Go to Rainbow Coffi link and in the Christmas list download the following:
Snowmen, 4th tube down in the left column. Trees, Left column bottom pair of trees. Snow, Left column third one down.
Animated snow here,
I'm not sure who's the original maker of this animation but it's been around for a few years. If you know or are the designer of this animation please email me I'd love to give you credit.

Fonts: Sunshine Poppy you can download here
Shadow: 2,2, 36, 6

Let's begin.
Open a new image 600x250.
Create a linear gradient using the colors A9BAC7 for the foreground and DAE1E7 for the background.
Flood fill your image.

Copy/paste the cloud tube as new layer, resize 50%, position to the left of your image dulpicate and mirror image.

Open your Tree tube, using the Free Hand selection tool (point to point) select around the tree on the left, selections invert.
Copy/paste this as a new layer in your image, resize 40%, sharpen once, positon to the left, duplicate layer, image mirror.

Go back to your tree tube and invert selectons again, copy/paste the Left tree as a new layer, resize 50%, sharpen once. Move this layer to below the Left tree layer.

Open your snow men tube and grey scale, go to Adjust, Colour Balance, Manual Colour Correction, source colour=d3d3d3, target colour=DAE1E7.
Copy/paste the snowmen as a new layer, resize 50%, postion slightly to the left of your image.

Add a drop shadow to the snowmen and tree layers.

Select the top layer, add a new layer flood fill with colour 3B4D5B, select all, float, defloat, selections Modify contract by 3 pixels, hit delete, add drop shadow, this is your frame layer.

Add your copy and text I used the same colour as the frame for my text.

Now for animation!

Open the snow animation in Animation Shop (AS), Edit Select All, keep selected.

In PSP hide your text and frame layer, copy merged, paste into (AS) as a new animation, duplicate the Frame so that you have 10 frames total.

Select the snow animation, Edit Copy, click on your New animation go to Edit Propagate Paste and the Edit Paste into Selected Frame, Left click you mouse once.

Go back to PSP, hide all layers except for the text and frame layers, copy merged and paste it into AS as a new animation.
Duplicate the number of frames until you have 10 frames, Edit Select All, Edit Copy.

Activate the animation you made before and got to Edit Select All, Edit Propagate Paste, Edit Paste Into Selected Frame, Left click your mouse once, run your animation and if your happy save as a GIF.

All done.


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