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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Naughty Hottie

Tut name: Naughty Hottie
Tube name and store: Elias Chatzoudis, Leather Beauty, availabe here
Scrap kit: Naughty Hottie by Sarah's Tags N Things your can purchase it here.
Thank you Sarah for letting me use this very cute kit!! Visit her blog here.
Templates: Paint Shop Pro Goddess by Cakes, http://crazycakesscraps.blogspot.com
Masks: Mask 18 by Bev, download at http://horseplayspasture.blogspot.com
Font: Chrome Yellow NF
This turorial is the sole property of  JTsDesigns.
Any similarities other tuts out the on the web is purly coincidental.
Add drop shadow using your favourite settings.
This tut uses no outside filters/plugins.
S=Selections, SA=Select All, F=Float, DF=Defloat, SN=select none, c/p=copy & paste.
First let's open all our supplies/templates/masks and tube, I like to have everything open and
ready. Duplicate the template and close the original.
You can refer to my finished tag for placement of elements.
Lets begin.
In the template delete the first 3 layers. Resize all layers 80%.
Select the bottom layer and add a new layer, flood fill white you can delete later, move to the bottom.
Add a new layer, S, SA. c/p ST-Paper4 into selections, SN.
Apply the mask layer, merge group.
Select layer 10, S, SA, F, DF, c/p ST-Paper1 as a new layer, selections invert and delete, repeat this step for layer 4 in the template.
Delete layer 10 & 4, add a drop shadow to both new layers.
Select layer 9, S, SA, F, DF, c/p ST-Paper4 as a new layer, move the paper to the right, selections invert and delete, SN.
Delete layer 9, add drop shadow. Repaet this step for layer 8.
Select layer 7, S, SA, F, DF, add a new layer, c/p ST-Paper10 Into Selections, move the paper to the left, selections invert and delete, SN. Add a drop shadow. Repeat this step on layer 3. delete layers 7 & 3.
From the elements c/p ST-City as a new layer, add a drop shadow.
Select layer 6, S, SA, F, DF, c/p ST-Paper3 as a new layer, selections invert and delete, SN. Go to Adjust, Noise, settings: Uniform and Monochrome selected setting 75. Add a drop shadow.
Repeat this step on layer 1. Delete layer 6 & 1.
Lets add our tube, select layer 2, S, SA, F, DF, c/p the close up and position over the selection, invert and delete.
Grey scale the tube layer (desaturate) and lower the opacity to about 66%.
c/p the smaller tube as a new layer, position the right add a drop shadow.
Now lets add the elements, I used the following elements:
ST-Boa @ 60%, rotate to lay across the bottom.
ST-Lips @25%
ST-Bottle @50%
ST-Polish @25%
ST-Lipstick @25%, Free rotate 90 Left.
ST-Condom @30% rotate to the right using deform tool, move to the right and below the main tube layer.
ST-Flower @75%
Add your text and © and your all done.
Thanks for trying my tut.


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