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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spiral Out of Control

Spiral Out Of Control
Filters used:

Tramages-Spiral3, and Pool Shadow

Jeux De Lignes, Entrelacment

AAA Filters-Good Vibrations,

AAA Filters-Foto Frame,

DSB Flux-Noise,

Lokas 3D Shadow,


Font: Mea Culpa

New image 600x250, using foreground (FG) colour 675D39 and background colour (BG) 412426 create a gradient choose the Starburst Style with repeats at 9. Flood fill your image.

Apply Tramages Spiral 3 filter set Rotations at 3 and Darken/Lighten to 236.

Custom Selections, Left-0, Top-75, Right-600, Bottom-175, promote secton to layer.

Selections, Modify, contract by 3, select the Raster 1 layer hit delete, select none. Apply AAA Filter, Good Vibration using these setting: Frequency 5, Amplitude 4, Frame Size 0, select Waves and Lighten. Repeat the filter.

Select the Promoted layer and lower opacity to 58, select none. Apply Jeux De Lignes use default settings.

Add a drop shadow, -9,9,100,15, and then again at 9,9,100,15.

New layer, flood fill with BG colour, layers arrange send to bottom.

Layers Merge Visible, apply AAA Filter Foto Frame enter these numbers starting at the top, 4, 55, 15, 1, 0, 10, 0, 100.

New layer. Custom selection, use the same settings as before, selections modify, contract by 15, flood fill with your FG colour, select none, move the rectangle to the right edge of the white frame.
Apply Tramages Pool Shadow use default settings.

Type your name size 36 in Vector, go to Objects, Align, Center In Canvas, convert to raster layer. Apply Mura's Copies, Line setting, you'll have to adjust the "number" according to the length of your name, mine is only 4 letters long so I chose 5.

C/P your tube and position to the left, apply Lokas 3D Shadow I used these setting, Blur 90, Transparency 23, Angles X,Y,Z 0, Offsets X, Y 10, Perspective 78.

Add your name again, and add a drop shadow 1,1,100,2.

Add your © and your done. Here's one I did for a friend.


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