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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Tube by Suzzane Richards available at CDO.

Xero Fratillary http://www.xero-graphics.co.uk/freeware.htm
EyeCandy4000, Gradient Glow.
Xenofex 2 Constellation

PSP plugins, Edge Effects, Texture, Drop Shadow, Inner Bevel.

Foreground Colour: 32C3D2
Background Colour: F48734

Open new image 600x250, flood fill with gradient using the fg & bg colours. Angle 0, repeats 0.
Apply Xero Fratillary filter, Granulation 5, Agression 37, Tessalation 100, Variation 51.
Effects, Edge Effects, Enhance.

Custome Selections, Left 0, Top 75, Right 600, Bottom 175, Promote selection to layer.
EyeCandy4000 Gradient Glow, Select "Thin Green Line", in the Bsaics tab Glow Width 24, Soft
Corners 30, Opacity 100, In the color tab select the blue (32c3d2).
Add a drop shadow 0,0,50,0.

Custom selections, same as before, add a new layer and flood fill with the blue, select none.
Effects, Texture Effects, Weave use these settings:
Gap 1
Width 13
Opacity 2
Weave Color Black
Gap Color the orange (f48784)

Custome selections same as before, c/p tube, position to the Right, selections invert and delete.
Add a drop shadow 1,1,50,10, custome selections same as before, invert and delete.
Image Mirror, change the blend mode to Luminance Legacy.

C/P tube again as new layer, resize 50%, position and add a drop shadow 1,1,50,10.

C/P Blue fish resize 50% position and add the same drop shadow.

C/P Orange fish, resize 35% position and add the same drop shadow.

Add a new layer flood fill with the same gradient but change the Angle to 180.
Select all, modify contract by 3, hit delete, add drop shadow.

Hide your background layer and merge visible.

Add your © and name, I used Saginaw font with an Inner Bevel, use these settings:

Bevel Shape 2
Width 15
Smooth 0
Depth 6
Ambience -3
Shininess 0
Color White
Angle 315
Intensity 50
Elevation 30

Add a drop shadow, and apply the bevel again.


Duplicate your background layer, twice so that you have 3 total.
On first background layer apply Xenofex2 Constellation, use default but check "Keep Original
Select 2nd background layer, apply constellation but hit the "Random Seed" button once.
Repeat this for the 3rd background layer. Hide 2nd and 3rd background layers.

Edit Copy Merged.
Open Animation Shop, Edit Paste as new animation, in PSP hide the 1st background layer unhide
the 2nd and copy merged, in AS Edit Paste after Current Frame, repeat this step for 3rd
background layer. View your animation and save as a GIF.

Thanks for trying my tut.


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