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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boy! I am just Knackered!!

I took my electric Scooter to work today, thinking I had a full charge (the bike is new and I'm still getting used to it). I got to work just fine but on the way home, about 1/2 way my battery died!! It's an electric scooter so it has peddles that, if used will help charge to the battery. NOT!!
I walked 8km, yes 8km. I don't have a cell phone and the road I was riding no houses face the road. I had no choice but to walk my lovely new bike home. Oh did I mention it was 27c with a humidity that made it feel more like 34c, and no water to drink. I think I lost 5lbs
I've learned my lesson the hard way, MAKE SURE YOUR BIKE IS FULLY CHARGED! Duuhh!


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