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Monday, July 6, 2009

Easiest Polka Dot Tut!

scale 100%

Scale of 30%This is a quick tut on how to create a polka dot pattern for tagger sized scrap papers, for full sized papers just adjust the sizes accordingly.
Program used PSP version 9

Color I used was a light pink FCDCDC but you can use your own.
Forground Null, Background Color.
1. Open new transparent image 100x100
2. Select your Elipse Vector Tool set to Circle
3. Use your cursor to draw out a very small circle.
4. Go to Objects-Align-Center In Canvas
5. Convert layer to Raster.
6. Go to Effects-Image Effects-Seamless Tile, use default settings.

There you have it you're done, save this as a PSP image for later use or save it in your patterns folder.
To use use your pattern is very simple, open a new iamge 800x800 300dpi.
flood fill with a colour (I used black to show dots) add a new layer and flood fill this layer with your polka dot pattern.
See, very simple.
Experiment by lowering the scale number when you use your pattern, the lower the scale the smaller the polka dot pattern will appear.
Or use different vector shapes instead of circles.
The trick is to make sure your vector shape is centered on your image.

I hope you enjoyed my little tut♥


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