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Saturday, April 30, 2011

FTU Music Tag

You must have a working knowledge of PSP to do this tut.
All the items used to create this tag are free.
I used the amazing art of Ismael Rac for this tag.
This is a free tube you still need a Rac license to use this tube.
To get this awesome tube and others go here
I'm using a terrific kit called "I Love Rock & Roll' created by LaCarolita's Designs.
You can download this awesome kit here
The font I used (Lounge Bait) can be found here
I used one of WSL masks (mask 62) you can download here

Tube 80%
Musical notes & bar 80%
Guitar 50%
Radio 25%
Record 10%

Open tube, mask, paper 14, star 1 & 2, notes, musical notes 1, guitar 2, radio.

Duplicate Paper 14 and close the original.
Apply mask, duplicate and merge layers.
Copy & paste Star 2, add drop shadow and rotate image 10 degrees to the right.
Copy & paste Star 1.
Copy and paste tube re-size. Add drop shadow.
Duplicate Star 1 layer and move to the top.
User eraser tool to erase parts of star that cover tube, see finished tag.
On tube layer delete the legs that show at bottom of tag.
Add the rest of elements, see finished tag for placement.
Merge Visible and re size tag 80%.
Add your name and copy right.


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