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Sunday, August 7, 2011



This tut was created by JTsDesigns, similarities to other tuts is unintentional.
Tube:Heiress Of Atlantis by NK Digital Art you can find this and other great items here.
Kit: Artistic Magic by KnC Scraps you can purchase this kit here.
Template: BP_Template 41 by Beckys Creations.
Mask: Narah_mask_Esfera010 or a mask of your choice.
Font: Hurricane Swash (Rob Font)
c/p= copy & paste.

Filters: EyeCandy 4000, Gradient Glow, if you don't have this filter you can just as simply add
a white drop shadow.

Let's begin.
Open your tube, template and mask.
In template delete Preview, TOU, and Butterfly layers.
Select White background and add a new layer, select all c/p paper 9 Into Selections, deselect.
Apply mask and merge group.
Select Swirley Doodle layer.
Open paper 3, in your layers pallet make this paper as a pattern in your foreground color pallet.
In tools pallet select the Change To Target Brush, located in the Lighten/Darken drop down menu.
Use the default settings, run your brush over the doodle layer until you get the desired effect.
Apply the Gradient Glow filter using the following settings:
Glow Width 5.26, Soft Corners 25, Opacity 100, Color:white. Add a drop shadow.
Select the Flowers layer, Selections, Float, Defloat, add a new layer.
c/p paper 3 into the selections, delete template layer and apply Gradient Glow, add a drop shadow.
Select the Top Rectangle layer, selections, float, defloat, select the Middle rectangle and hit delete.
Select Bottom Rectangle, selections, float, defloat, new layer, c/p paper 3 into selections, deselect, delete template layer.
Select Top Rectangle, selections, float, defloat, new layer, c/p paper 9 into selections, deselect, delete template layer,
move this layer below the Middle Rectangle layer.
Select Middle Rectangle, selections, float, defloat, new layer, c/p paper 4 into selections, deselect, delete template layer.
c/p tube as new layer move this layer to the top, use deform tool to rotate to your liking.
Duplicate Top Rectangle layer and move this to top layer,
using eraser brush erase parts of this layer that overlap the dolphin,
see finished tag. Select dolphin layer and delete parts of the tail that stick out.
Add a drop shadow, I used 6, 10, 35, 5.
Add text and © info for tube.
For the text I used a small selection of paper 3 as a pattern and added a bevel.
Done I hope you liked doing this tut.


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