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Monday, September 5, 2011

Stat Tut PTU

Stat Tut
This tut assume your have a working knowledge of PSP.

Kit: Rustling Leaves by Dark Moon Dreams you can purchase it here
Tube: Ismael Rac, you must have a Rac license to use this tube.

Fonts: Respective
Shadow: 2,2, 36, 6
Filters: Tramages, Wee Scratches (optional)
PSP Filters used: Cutout & Bevel

sa-f-df-nl= Select All, Float, Defloat, New Raster Layer.
sa-f-df= Select All, Float, Defloat.
c/p= copy & paste

Let's begin.
Open a new image 600x250 Select all.
C/P PP09 into selections, selelct none.
Apply Tramages' Wee Scratches twice, setting at 255.

C/P Tube as new layer, set blend mode to Soft Light.

Go to Image, Add Borders, add a Symetric border of 2 pixels colour Black.

Go to Image, Add Borders, add a Symetric border of 15 pixels colour ffff00.
Use your magic wand (tolerance 0) and cick on the yellow border.

C/P PP03 into selections, add a new layer, go to Effects, Cutout, use these settings:
Verticle & Horizontal 10, Opacity 50, Blur 5, Shadow colour #343210, Fill Interior checked, colour #706A26.
Select none.

C/P your tube and position. I've changed the colour of her dress to coordinate with the tag. This is allowed.

C/p Branch02, resize 50%, position, see finished stat.

Add your text and ©.
For the text I used PP09 as a pattern fill and colour #193002 as my forground colour.
I added a slight Inner Bevel, using the fllowing settings:
Bevel #2, Width 11, Smoothness 32, Depth 20, Ambience 5, Shininess 10,
Angle 315, Intensity 35, Elevation 46, colour White.

Your all done


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