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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hocus Pocus Life's A Witch PTU

Hocus Pocus Life's a Witch
This tut assumes your have a Good working knowledge of PSP.

Kit: Hocus Pocus by Le Paradis Du Scrap which you can purchase here.
Tube: Elias Chatzoudis which you can purchase here
Mask:Vix_Halloween2010No1 you can download this pack here
Template: by BlissfullyBeth, this is template pack101-110 ( packs are lised on the left of her blog) a great set of halloween templates you can get them here

Fonts:Jellyk Delicious Cakes you can download it here
Shadow: 2,2, 36, 6
Filters: DSB Bright Noise,
PSP Filters used: Noise,

sa-f-df-nl= Select All, Float, Defloat, New Raster Layer.
sa-f-df= Select All, Float, Defloat.
c/p= copy & paste
sa=select all
sn=select none

See finished tag for placement of tube/elements.

Let's begin.
Open the, mask and template in psp, duplicate the template and close the original.
In the template delete the credits and the Grey Rect Frame layers.
Starting at the bottom select the Raster 1 layer, add a new layer flood fill white, delete the Raster 1 layer.

Add a new layer, sa, c/p paper 11 as a new layer, apply your mask and merge group.
C/P E13 (eyes from the elements folder) as a new layer.

Select the Dotted Oval layer, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper 2 into selelctions, sn, delete the template layer, apply DSB Bright Noise45-Mix or use your favourite noise settings in PSP.

Open paper 5 and make into your foreground pattern setting the Repeats at 0 and the scale at 10, select the Vert Black Line 2, sa-f-df, flood fill with the pattern, sn.
Repeat this step for the Vert Balck Line 1 layer.

Select the Orange Oval layer, sa-f-df-nl, c/p paper12 into slelctions, sn, delete the template layer.

Select the Black Half Circle layer, sa-f-df c/p paper 13 as a new layer, selelctions invert, hit delete, keep selected.
C/p your tube (layer 2 if you're using the same tube) as a new layer position over the half circle and hit delete, sn.

C/P the same tube again and place directly over the first tube, use your erasor to erase any overlap that you don't want showing.

Give this layer a deep drop shadow, I used 4, 4, 36,6 make sure "Shadow On New Layer" is checked.
Apply the same shadow on the New shadow layer and the again on the next shadow layer this will give the appearance of her popping out.
This is for the benefit of those of us out there that don't have Loka's Shadow lab lol.

I applied DSB Bright Noise to the "and then you fly" and Witch Orange layers.

Now for the elements, I used the following:
E1 @ 80%
E13 @ 8%
E15 @ 20%
E34, copy and paste as a new layer, use your erasor to erase overlap, set your erasor hardness to 0, use the mask layer as your guide.
Once your happy with the results grey scale the moon and lower the opacity to 94.
E9 @ 20%
E44 @ 20%

Add your copy right and text.
All done.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [19 Oct 09:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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