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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rock Chick FTU

Rock Chick!!

Template: Template 129, by Rosey can be found here.
Tube: by Jamie Kidd, Candice 62-1, available for purchase at CDO.

Filters used: Mura's Cloud & Copies, PentaCom ColorDot, Xero Fratillary.

Foreground Colour=6F2F65
Background Colour=090909

NL=New Layer
SN=Select None

Drop shadow used: 2,2,35,5, can be added after finishing eash step.
Deleted template layers after each step.

We'll begin by making our own mask for this tag.
Open a new image, 834x456, flood fill with black, add a new layer, use your rectangle selection tool with these settings: Rectangle, Add (Shift), Feather 45, Anti-alias checked. Draw out a medium sized rectangle on your new layer, be careful not to get to close to the edges of your image, flood fill with white, center this layer in your image and merge layers down.

Open the template, duplicate the image and close the original.
Delete the credits layer, layer 10 and copy of layer 10.

Select the bottom layer and add a new layer, flood fill with black and apply your new mask, merge group.

Create a Linear gradient using the foreground and background colours, Angle 0, repeats 0.

Select Raster 12 layer in your template, SA, F, DF,NL, flood fill the selection with your gradient, SN.

Select Copy of Raster 12 layer, SA,F,DF,NL, Invert the gradient and flood fill with the gradient, SN.

Select Raster 13 layer, SA,F,DF,NL, flood fill with forground colour,  keep selected and apply Mura's Cloud filter use default settings, repeat for copy of raster 13 layer.

Select Raster 11 layer, SA,F,DF,NL, flood fill with your gradient set on Sunburst, invert UNchecked, SN, DO NOT DELETE this layer hide template layer.

Select Raster 8 layer, SA,F,DF,NL, flood fill with your gradient set on Sunburst, invert UNchecked, apply Penta Com Color Dot, change the Value to 120 and the Distance to 10, SN, hide template layer.
Repeat for Copy of Raster 8 Layer.

Select Raster 2 layer, SA,F,DF,NL, flood fill with LINEAR gradient, invert checked, repeats 1, Adjust, Add Noise, Noise=75, Gaussian and Monochrome selected, repeat noise, keep selected.
Selections, modify, contract by 5, add a new layer and flood fill with the same linear gradient, SN.

Select Raster layer 1, SA,F,DF,NL, flood fill with your back ground layer, repeat for copy of raster 1 layer.

Select raster 3 layer, SA,F,DF,NL, flood fill with your foreground colour, apply Xero Fratillary using these settings: Granularity=3, Aggression=170, Tessalation=17, Variation=67. Repeat this step for the Copy of Raster 3 layer.

Select raster layer 5, SA,F,DF,NL, flood fill with your background colour, do NOT delete the template instead and some noise to it using the same settings as before, repeat this for copy of raster 5 layer.

Ok lets add the tubes now.

Go back to Raster 11 layer SA,F,DF, copy and paste the medium sized tube as a new layer, selections invert and hit delete. Layers arrange, move up, change the blend mode to Overlay. You can now delete the template layer.

Select your tube layer again, and hide all the layers in your layers pallet that are below the tube layer including the tube, select the very top layer in your pallet and merge layers visible. You can now unhide everything.

Using your move tool, move your merged layer down a bit in your image.

Select your text tool, create as Vector, using a pixel font set at 10 and background colour set at 6F2F65 type your name, Align, Center In Canvas.
Apply Mura's copies use these settings: Pre-set Menu=Tiling, Shift Mode=Line, Tile Mode=Normal, change Number to 1 and gap size to 2 hit OK. Position so that it fills nicely inside the black rectangle on your merged layer.

Back to your merged layer use your magic wand, feather set at 0 and click inside the Black rectangle, selections Invert, go to your text layer that you just did and hit delete.

Copy and paste the Small size tube (layer 1) as a new layer position to the right, see finished tag. Add a drop shadow of 3,3,100,10 with shadow on new layer checked.
Use your erasor to erase the bottom of the shadow, this will make the tube look better. Select your tube layer and Merge Down.

You can add your name again if you choose, resize all layers 70%, add © and YOUR DONE!!


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